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And we’ve retired Firecat and Russian Thunder.
From now on, Rich will campaign the Marchetti SF260 Warrior, “Mako.”  We’ll fly any show anywhere in the U.S., including military shows, but to all you East Coast Promoters who couldn’t justify the transportation costs of the Firecat Jet, we are now available and affordable!!  Think jet style acro at a prop price!
ICAS Las Vegas 6-9 December: We’ll be there!  Just enter the hall, turn left, and you’ll see us at the corner, Booth 110. Due to our move, we’re just starting to fill our 2022 airshow calendar, so stop by during the ICAS convention and get acquainted!


Send Us your Photos

We want your photos! Believe it or not, we hardly ever get to see the photos you take at our airshows.  Please send us yours.  We can’t guarantee they’ll all wind up on the website (Some people shoot hundreds of photos in a 10 minute performance.), but we’d sure love to share your best ones.  Send them to  If you have a lot, send us a link, or we’ll send you a link to upload them.  BTW, we always give photo credits, and we’re be happy to trade links to most sites.


Learn to fly like Rich!

Flight Instruction is On Hold due to Covid 19 concerns .  Rich Perkins is a highly experienced Certificated Flight Instructor.  He founded and ran the largest aerobatic flight school in the western U.S., ATTITUDE AVIATION, in Livermore, CA. Rich still consults, but due to the pandemic, Rich has put his instructional activities on indefinite hold.

Now available in the eastern U.S.!

Book Rich & The Marchetti for your airshow NOW!

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